Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Get it while it lasts! Woot® : One Day, One Deal™ A deal-a-day site for all, it features daily t-shirt, kids, wine, and random product deals. Woot!

Oh, let's not forget about Woot-offs! What is that? That is a day when they take a number of limited time offers and put them on the site for people to grab up while they can. When they're out of one product, they move on to the next.

Here's a Woot-off secret... Follow Woot on Twitter and they will send you tweets with the next item as it comes up.

So... what have I gotten from woot? A couple of T-Shirts for $10-15 (After the daily offer, the price goes up $5 on shirt) and inexpensive MP3 players for the kids. By inexpensive, I mean $15, and yes, they work just fine still!

There is also a Woot extension for Chrome (and most likely a plugin for Firefox) to check out all the offers without going to the site.

Check it out!

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