Monday, November 22, 2010

Best Products of 2010 |

Do you agree? Did they leave anything off of the list? what are your thoughts? Also, plenty of good Holiday gift ideas on the list for your favorite Geek!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Xtreme Geek Store

Wow, they are so Geeky they even left the "E" out of "Extreme". All spelling jokes aside. This store seems to be reasonably price and have some of the most geeky items out there. Check the following out for example:

Darth Vader Lamp/ Alarm Clock

Recycled LED Motherboard Christmas Tree

Flashing Simulated Alarm Light

Wooden Beer Mug Puzzle

If variety was the spice of life, this site would be considered Zesty!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get it while it lasts! Woot® : One Day, One Deal™ A deal-a-day site for all, it features daily t-shirt, kids, wine, and random product deals. Woot!

Oh, let's not forget about Woot-offs! What is that? That is a day when they take a number of limited time offers and put them on the site for people to grab up while they can. When they're out of one product, they move on to the next.

Here's a Woot-off secret... Follow Woot on Twitter and they will send you tweets with the next item as it comes up.

So... what have I gotten from woot? A couple of T-Shirts for $10-15 (After the daily offer, the price goes up $5 on shirt) and inexpensive MP3 players for the kids. By inexpensive, I mean $15, and yes, they work just fine still!

There is also a Woot extension for Chrome (and most likely a plugin for Firefox) to check out all the offers without going to the site.

Check it out!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Computer help of all sorts

Plenty of good advice here for things from OS solutions to games and tricks on computers. How-To Geek One thing I found was a great explanation of how BitTorrents work. Here's a link to the article. Disclaimer: Remember like any tool like BitTorrents, there are good and bad uses of the technology. Please be good.

There is also a decent start to a tech help wiki.

Check it out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

For all things Internet...

they'll have something here on it. Mashable – The Social Media Guide. Their big thing is social media trending, but there is a wealth of Internet, web development, video, tech and entertainment reporting here.

I tend to follow the Facebook, Buzz, and Twitter announcements and developments.

Here is a nice web-surfing article on 404 errors. They're pretty funny: 404 errors

Here's one on Geeky Wedding Gadgets.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Pick an Android Smartphone

Wow, it actually works. Gizmodo If you follow the diagram it led me to the Droid X, which is what I had ordered. Good news.

Well, the rest of the site is interesting as well. It is sponsored by Canon (the camera makers), and features a variety of reviews and quirky tech stuff like Running iPhone Apps on a TV or how to get cats to stay off your Roomba. Plenty of other fun and informative tech stuff there too!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Engadget News and Reviews

Techies can get their mobile and HD fix here. Engadget This site finally helped me decide what phone I wanted to get when I upgraded finally to a smartphone. My wife loves her iPhone 4, but my company is a Verizon account holder, so I had to look at their lineup.

I've used other people's Blackberry phones and never really seemed to like them. That, and I've been interested int he Android OS. So, I started looking at the Droid and HTC phones.

A co-worker has the HTC Incredible, but based on the info from Verizon, the Droid 2 and Droid X looked like better phones.

So I ended up on Engadget and found the two following reviews:
Droid 2 Review
Droid X

I guess what finally did it for me was the web browser and camera features. So, the win goes to Droid X for my next phone.

The site also has a lot of other tech items. Not too bad for an AOL product. It also showed me that the new Windows phones lack the multitasking capabilities that I've been looking for.

Have a good read.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Geeks will love this!!

Need some help decorating your abode? Meninos I stumbledupon this site recently and found some really great items. Here are a few of my favorites:

Photoshop Wall Bar

Pitfall Croc Doormat

8bit Hand Coasters

Woody Woodpecker Skate Art

There's plenty more there. Check it out!

Friday, November 5, 2010


If your workspace away from home is 6'x6' witha built in desk, then this is the site for you! There are plenty of cool office toys on this site here are a few of my favorites:

Office Arsenal - AirZooka

Cry-Baby Tissues

Time Machine Unfortunately, it doesn't make the day go faster. :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tech Olive

Info here for PC and Game enthusiast. Tech Olive So, I was drawn to this site by a feed on a college paper's website. There is plenty to look at with new and information and some things I have not heard elsewhere.It is good, clean information that is up to date.

First thing that caught my eye on the site was the Epic Video of the week which I am embedding here:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rocket Theme

Got Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress? Then you must know about: RocketTheme Joomla Templates. RocketTheme is one of the best template sites I know of. The templates have been easy to install and easy to use.

WARNING: This is not a free site! Yes, there are some costs involved, but if you need to put something together with a quick turn around modifying one of their templates works out well. Check it out! The demo I linked to was for Joomla, but I know all of you are smart enough to find the others if you need to. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Threadless graphic t-shirt designs

Good clean fun! There are definitely some crude t-shirt sites out there and this is not one of them. There are the usual men, woman and child options. Here are just a few of my favorite designs from the site, Enjoy!

Imagine me, a Ninja Pirate, riding atop a zombie unicorn

Captain Obvious

Know your Nerds

Rock Is Dead and Paper Killed It

Monday, November 1, 2010

Society for Geek Advancement

Join the Movement! Are you a geek? Be the best geek you can be then! I came across the video on this post on YouTube and took a look into it. It's really about geeks giving back. I'm not sure where all the funds go that are raised (some to books in developing nations. I cannot vouch that 99% of it is going to good or admin fees, but Room to Read appears to be a legit charity. Anyways, check out the video. If you can name 5 of the people there before they introduce themselves, you are surely a geek.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

deviantART - The Louvre of the Interwebz

The best artwork on the web? deviantART: where ART meets application! Ok, so the artwork here really varies, but there is tons of it to look at from digital art to hand drawn concepts to some very nice photography. Take a look there and you can find a ton of nice things to look at. Here are some samples:

Some are Cute:
Gimmie that Cookie by *Lady-Tori on deviantART

Some Unconventional:
.a pumpkin before christmas by ~l-eh on deviantART

Some are Silly:
Sprinter's Smarts by ~enkana on deviantART

Friday, October 29, 2010

Geek Stuff 4 U - Darth Vader USB HUB

Straight out of Japan! Geek Stuff 4 U - Darth Vader USB HUB Ok, so it took a little looking to get to this one, but I found it. This site has tons of interesting toys. This USB hub was the first thing to catch my eye.

They also feature plenty of Geek lifestyle items like a Ketchup and mustard dispenser in the shape of a revolver.

Sure, it's over-priced, but it still should bring a smile to your face.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

19 Epic LEGO Guns

Got some time on your hands? 19 Epic LEGO Guns That Actually Work. I saw this go around one time and felt it was worth a second look. It appears as though the same person made all of these rubberband or block firing guns.

When I went back to find these I also found which you can buy less advanced kits.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rube Goldberg

It's not as simple as it looks. . Add a touch of humor to complex engineering to complete a relatively simple task and that is what a Rube Goldberg machine is. This site tells the background behind the man who, as a cartoonist, illustrated to a ridiculous degree creative solutions to the most mundane of tasks.

Recently, the band OK GO used a Rube Goldberg machine as a visual hook to their song "This too shall pass." Here is the Youtube video. It had more than 4 million views in the first 48 hours. That is super viral!

If you feel you've got the right stuff, you can even enter in the annual contest. Next up in 2011 will be watering a plant. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki

Here's a Halloween Wiki for you! Everything you need to know if one of those holiday pranksters turn out to be the real thing... Yes, there's a wiki for even surviving a zombie onslaught.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Geek Toys for the desk

More stuff to keep you from Geek Toys, Office Desk Stress Toys, Cool Gadgets, & Cubicle Fun at Plenty of fun Halloween items as well.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Less risky than a 401k

Trade up for Angelina Jolie or the next Spiderman movie. This one is special for movie geeks out there. If you keep up with film or celebrity industry news this is the one for you. Imagine a stock market where they give you 2 Million fake dollars to play with and trade stocks in the stars and movies that are coming out and on their popularity. That is basically what this site has to offer. I've been off of it for almost 10 years and it keeps on chugging along. #hsx

Saturday, October 16, 2010


No mushrooms required. I really enjoy checking up on the Extra Life comic on the site. 90% of the time they are geek related. The extra content on the site is funny as well. Worth a few minutes of your day today and maybe tomorrow.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Not the jungle... This doesn't rank high on the "geek" scale, but it is a must for all the geeks out there! You have to compare products somewhere and this is a great place to go for almost anything now. The extra geek points for today go to for those who know about The Camelizer. This add-on for Firefox allows a quick way to check and see how pricing has changed over time for many of the #Amazon and Best Buy products out there. Another way to optimize cash expenditures.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watch out Theramin!

Electronic expressiveness at it's best? That's what they claim! So, slap together a bagpipe, your netbook and a synthesizer with a bunch of keys and you get the Eigenharp. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. Check out this demonstration on Youtube.  There is a also a more portable 18-key version available on the website. Just when I was getting up the nerve to get a Theramin, this comes along...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Deal News

Extra, Extra. Read All About it! They claim every day is Black Friday on this bargain shoppers delight. The site collects deals d'jour from many different sources and broadcasts them to this site. You can also get a twitter feed. or an RSS feed.

A couple of things that peeked my interest in the clothing section were the LED and Binary watches. For under $10, they might be worth it! Tons of other computer items at discout rates or see what coupons they have available.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Grease Monkey!

That Funky Monkey. Grease Monkey is an add-on for #Firefox that allows users to change the way websites appear and function when they surf to them. There are hundreds of free scripts that can be loaded for this add-on. It is definitely a must have if you use Mozilla Firefox. It is free and easy to use!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brany Quotes!

Who said that?!?! If you're ever in need of some insight or a diversion for a few minutes, you can always check out some quotes or try their quote trivia challenge. From Asimov to Zig Ziglar to Einstein to Al Yankovich there are tons to browse through. Here is a quote to consider...

Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations. 
Albert Einstein 
There are also some RSS feed available through the site if you want some on your website. Check it out! 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crack the Egg! Great place for comparative shopping for electronics. I got a great deal on a video graphics card there on my last purchase! Recertified/Refurbished items are comparable to other sites. Check it out!